Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Slap urself Ekin..AGAIN..AGAIN..ONCE AGAIN..AND FINALLY ONE MORE.So stupid.Yeah exactly that is the right word to come out from my mouth.FOR ME.YEAH THATS WORD SPECIALLY FOR ME.After this no more picture in Facebook.No more in Myspace.I mean for the main picture.I will not show my picture in these two site.huhuhu.What's the stupid I am.Because of that picture..I slap myself.I was cried.I do not know what to say.But if you have a nice picture..please do not put in the myspace or facebook.If you wanna put..just put a bad picture that you have.Because there is someone waiting for you. And maybe you will replace me as his victim.

1 comment:

s@z!3La said...

mengamok sakan cik kak ni..haha

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