Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm trying so hard to write down what I really feel to make you understand.I could not even write such a short text just to explain everything that I hide from your knowledge.Not some stupid poetic phrases that sounds nice,but is never really truth.I can write a poem to tell everyone how amazing you are but you really were not great to being with.I can be your security blanket and keep accompany you when everyone is gone.What I'm trying to say if you want me, I will be there for you.I can be a good friend to you but I cannot.Because you are not my type.You and me are different.You have different life and I have a different idea.We have a clashing idea sometime that make us hard to accept each other.The conclusion is we are not meant together even you are very nice to me.

My words for you.



echah mashuri said...


apa YANG ku rasa said...

amboi..terror dh la ni dia kelantanese language...

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