Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MEREPEK 75 : Words for you friends!

For the time being,
I'm quite jealous certain thing that u have.
But I keep it silent and just watch behind n say
"U deserve to get it"
I'm so impress guy..
How tough u r as u can overcome all the silly probs.
I used to follow what u had done..
But I'm to weak.I'm not strong as u r.
Frankly speak sometime i DO HATE you
coz ur silly words describe me anything
But deep in my heart I proud to have a friend like you.
I called you STUPID sometime
but the real is u r brilliant fren.
You have quite good general knowledge n I see it.
IN A NUTSHELL hahaha.How good u r actually??
You laughed for every single weakness I have.
And know the time is for me to laugh at you.
Started that day..u also have a weakness guy..
"SEm depan kita main bowling lg ya?"

Congrate for the new guitar n for the
costly muet class.BAND 4 ABOVE is in ur hand.CHAIYOK.

This girl very cool and she is not really what I'm thinking.
Sorry to say..my first impresssion toward u totally wrong.
You are tougher than you are.First I met u I said in my heart.
"How can I be friend with her?"
But now we are stick together.
I like the way she brain my wash with her advice
I like the way you screaming in the car
I like the way you make a laugh.
Last one I like the way you "BERDENG"

Thanks sbb byk bawa kitaorg jln2.

Innocent girl with a soft hearted.
Difficult to join silly 'job' that we plan
But she still following.Sorry dear.
But sometime we have to try new thing.
U r better than me.That is my word for you.
I really do like having a fwen like you.
Among four of us you r bettestttttt.
I love to share the probs with u.
I have to admit u r a good listener n a good speaker.
That's why I can easily be fwen with u.
You are such good girl.
Improve ur driving skill.hehe


Thanks to all..All of u being nice to me.
As for me please evaluate

me by ur own.

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