Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MEREPEK 100 : Yes dah 100 Entry!!

Oh ya b4 I move further just to let u know that I'm the blogger who have achieve 100 entry today after I have been blogging started semester 1.Ok then.I like blogging sometimes when I have a mood albeit the time is too late n everyone in the room are dreaming about their boyfriend n whatever.I don't know why my emotion now is somewhat goes wrong.I try to be professional not emotional.But today is worse.Many things that I have done today is somehow worse.Yes worse.The exact word that I try to describe my life today.I feel sad now but I cannot cry.Thats my promise.Coz I believe that God not create a problems without solution.

1 comment:

bofoyengfeng said...

tahniah! trusssskan lagi ya!

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